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5/21/2024 2:19:40 PM
Is fruit bad for me because it contains sugar?

Common Questions: 

“Is fruit bad for me because it contains sugar?”

The sugars in fruits are usually in the form of fructose.

Consumption of fruit sugar does not rise in blood sugar suddenly. By reducing cholesterol and triglycerides, fructose can save us from  diseases such as arteriosclerosis, heart disease and brain stroke.

Fruits with the least sugar:

Lemon – Rhubarb – Berries – Raspberries

Fruits with low to medium sugar:

Strawberry – Papaya – Watermelon – Peach – Necklace – Blueberry – Cantaloupe – Melon – Apple – Apricot – Grapefruit 

Fruits with High sugar:

Orange – Kiwi – Pear – Pineapple

Fruits with too much sugar:

Tangerines – Cherry – Grapes – Pomegranate – Mango – Fig – The banana 

Dried fruits same as: Date - Raisins


“Are canned and frozen fruits and vegetables lower in nutrients?”

Fruits and vegetables are canned immediately after picking as a result , less ascorbic acid is lost.

Canned fruits and vegetables are as nutritious as fresh vegetables and they can be just as good.


“Are smoothies and juices just as good as eating whole fruits and vegetables?”

Let us answer honestly, Actually No.

Fruit is better than fruit juice, because it has a lot of fiber. Fruit juice fructose is known as free sugar. By removing the fiber, the fructose absorbs more rapidly and causes a sudden rise in blood sugar.