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6/17/2019 11:16:10 AM
about us

Majd Group is among the leading suppliers of agriculture products in particular Iranian fresh fruit and vegetables in the region with more than 35 years of business background and 5 years of successful operational export experience in Iran, Russia and middle east.


Our long last local reputation in Iran is outcome of sustainble present in the market which was the fundamental of expanding company in to overseas market.


With our own warehouses in Caspian sea region and Russian federation including Dubai along with offices in Tehran, Dubai and Moscow we are determined to expand our market share among our traditional markets such as Russian Federation and eastern Europe including CIS countries and middle east.

Story of success has been a long process for us with many ups and downs but not just an event, we are determined to continue this story with help and support of our valuable customers all around the world which without their unfailing support we could never stand where we are stadnding now. 

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